Bigger, better, more… KAFUNE!
With 9 g of coffee (instead of 7g, the weight of most coffee capsules on the market), single-serve KAFUNE pods offer you an always authentic, always fresh espresso. They can be used exclusively with La Fantana espresso maker.
Look for the one you prefer – or try them all!


KAFUNE AROMAO is an Arabica and Robusta beans espresso blend. Its medium roasting displays an intense impression, completed by a perfect flavour. Its taste is rich, with a well defined body and a retro-taste like a recent memory, strong, live. The colour is light brown, with reddish tints, and the foam is delicate and dense. It shows an intense fragrance with nuances of vanilla and bergamot. The full and intense taste, with a slight acidity, reminds you of the roast peanuts. The retro-taste is sweet, with delicate notes of thyme.

KAFUNE Aromao is the ideal coffee to accompany your work and to stimulate your productivity. With an excellent taste, prepared by our dedicated espresso machine, KAFUNE Aromao is the perfect helper on top of your desk.

KAFUNE Intenso

KAFUNE INTENSO is the creation of Italian artisans, who masterly combined the beans of Arabica and Robusta in order to obtain a coffee full of personality, with a strong and sophisticated taste. KAFUNE Intenso has a brown colour and proposes a coffee with dense and velvet-like foam. Its flavour gives the name: it is intense and reminds you of fresh toast smell in the morning. The taste is strong and harmonious; your papillae are pampered by suave tints of black chocolate and black currants. The retro-taste is dense, with a sensation of fine chocolate.

KAFUNE Intenso is your friend at break-time. An Italian espresso 100%, Intenso is best enjoyed in your break moments suring full busy day, when you just need to think about yourself.


KAFUNE ARABICA is like journey to the coffee origins. 100% manufactured of selected Arabica beans, the blend represents the maximum of what one can obtain, as flavour and sweetness, from an espresso coffee. It is always like a first impression upon seeing the beauty: it seduces and amazes. KAFUNE Arabica is a blend with medium roasting and lower content of caffeine, perfect for being enjoyed in the moments of the second half of a day. With a delicate sturdiness and a strong fragrance, an espresso of KAFUNE Arabica dominates the senses with a suave taste, with sensitive nuances of coffee cherries. Its retro-taste is harmonious and dominated by a nuance of ripe apricots.

KAFUNE Arabica is a distinct and excellent sign of your respect towards yourself, your colleagues, partners and guests. A pure espresso of high standards, KAFUNE Arabica caresses and satisfies by its velvet-like delicacy, marked by sensorial subtleties.


KAFUNE DECAF proposes a strong and authentic taste of espresso, but without the effects related to the caffeine. A special blend of 100% Arabica, Decaf is the ideal companion of an afternoon or evening when you desire a good coffee, no matter if you drink it in the company of a colleague or of your own projects.

KAFUNE Decaf is exclusively available in the variant of single-doses.


KAFUNE is available in single-serve pods, together with our espresso machine.

The espresso maker integrates the same basic technology available for professional espresso machines.
Despite the size it is a powerful tool, producing a 16 bar-strong, more than other devices in the same category, but with a low power consumption of only 500 W.



If you are among those who cannot get „activated” without a coffee.

If you are one of those whom a good coffee brings ideas and good spirits.

If you respect your „coffee break” during the long days at work.

Or if you simply love to enjoy an excellent coffee.

then KAFUNE was designed for you. And for your colleagues – and for your company, and for your business partners… and for all those who love a good coffee throughout the day.

For the office


magazin.kafune.ro is the site where you can find the entire range of single-serve KAFUNE pods for the espresso machine La Fantana. Feel free to enjoy them home or at your office. You can also purchase four blends of KAFUNE coffee beans, as well as complimentary products for coffee, teas – as well as La Fantana’s bottled mineral water, both still and sparkling.

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