Capsule espresso machines

It has the same advantages of the capsule system offered so far by La Fântâna:

  • The sealed capsules keep the coffee in a controlled atmosphere, with an inert gas, preserving the aroma and freshness
  • The grinding is optimal and constant
  • The coffee is not touched, which offers maximum hygiene
  • KAFUNE capsules contain 9 grams of coffee, the recommended quantity for the preparation of a genuine Italian espresso.


  • drawer capacity: 6/8 capsules used
  • electronic control of coffee temperature
  • electronic adjustment of the amount of coffee in the cup
  • energy saving function
  • automatic ejection of the used capsule in the collecting drawer

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  • 8 touch select buttons
  • capacity of water tank: 4l
  • drawer capacity: about 40 used capsules
  • 2.5l drainage tray
  • electronic control of coffee temperature
  • electronic adjustment of the amount of coffee in the cup
  • automatic system that indicates the filling level of the collector drawer and the low level of water in the tank
  • energy saving function
  • steamer for the preparation of milk foam

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  • 6 recipes available
  • pressure 15 bar
  • powder milk container – 400 g
  • water tank – 3L
  • LED display
  • used capsules drawer -20 capsules

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Espressor Kafune

If you are among those who cannot get „activated” without a coffee.

If you are one of those whom a good coffee brings ideas and good spirits.

If you respect your „coffee break” during the long days at work.

Or if you simply love to enjoy an excellent coffee.

then KAFUNE was designed for you. And for your colleagues – and for your company, and for your business partners… and for all those who love a good coffee throughout the day.

For the office

KAFUNE AT HOME is the site where you can find the entire range of single-serve KAFUNE pods for the espresso machine La Fantana. Feel free to enjoy them home or at your office. You can also purchase four blends of KAFUNE coffee beans, as well as complimentary products for coffee, teas – as well as La Fantana’s bottled mineral water, both still and sparkling.

For home