About Kafune

KAFUNE is a family of superior coffee blends inspired by Brazilian sun and designed by Italian experts. Each blend promises you a different mood, different sensations, and different satisfactions – all of them having something in common: they were created with passion. These blends are KAFUNE blends!

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Coffees with an intense and articulated character, the KAFUNE blends represent, each of them, a statement of independence. Either tempestuous and direct, or delicate and flavoured, KAFUNE coffees keep their strong personality in the most authentic way. They are seductive and tonic, always fresh, always fascinating. The family of KAFUNE blends is inspired by the refreshing tempo of South American lifestyle, where every day can be an either tender – or sometimes rough – caress. The name of KAFUNE is actually inspired by the word „cafuné”, an Amazonian word which in Brazil defines the tender gesture of caressing and passing your hand through the hair of somebody dear.



KAFUNE KAFUNE is a brand of La Fântâna, leader on the B2B service market for hydration with water and coffee, in Romania and Serbia.
For further information about La Fantana company, please visit www.lafantana.ro
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